Announcing the Winners of Uber’s Virtual Hackathon

Announcing the Winners of Uber’s Virtual Hackathon

In March we announced the release of our Request endpoint and our very first virtual hackathon on Since then, over 1500 developers from around the world have participated in our two month long hackathon, with over 95% of them taking advantage of our Request endpoint.

Each app was critiqued by a panel of judges on design, originality, impact, and effective use of the Uber API. After taking the past few weeks to review each submission, our team has generated a list of the top 50 apps and selected the top winning apps to be featured on our new showcase page.

1st Place: Introducing Rally!

We are happy to congratulate Rally as the grand prize winner of our hackathon. The team will receive a cash prize, roundtrip flight to San Francisco, a two night hotel stay courtesy of Hyatt Hotels, and a trip to Uber HQ to brainstorm with our CEO, Travis Kalanick, and the API team!
Rally is a new app that helps friends seamlessly coordinate impromptu events with the touch of a button. One of the most interesting features in the app is that you can easily view the estimated time of arrival for your friends in real time. The team demonstrated a clever solution for an everyday annoyance and incorporated several APIs along the way including: Uber’s Request endpoint, Facebook Graph, Google Maps, and more.

2nd Place: Workflow

You can think of Workflow, the app that connects apps and actions together, as your personal automation tool. By dragging and dropping any combination of actions together, you can create different actions that will contribute to your productivity and efficiency at work.

3rd Place: Totals for Uber

You may have seen Totals for Uber on Re/Code or heard about it from a friend. Although the Tools for Uber team did not use the Request endpoint in their app, the team did create one of the most intricate dashboards that we’ve seen. Simply login to your Uber account and Totals for Uber will generate an in depth summary of all your trips. The best part about this app is that you can even see how you stack against other riders!

4th Place: Bumper

Have you ever wanted to schedule an Uber? Well now you can with Bumper! Just enter your pickup and dropoff locations, choose your vehicle type, and set the time. When it’s time to go, your Uber will be there waiting for you.

5th Place: Ubutton

Ubutton is a very simple idea, with a huge impact. Ubutton lets nontechnical users take advantage of the Uber service on their personal websites. Imagine a small business owner who would love to provide a ride solution for their customers, but doesn’t haven’t any technical expertise. With Ubutton, users can just enter the location of their business and a button will generate automatically.

Introducing new cash rewards for developers

Although this was our first virtual hackathon, we are always looking for new ways to invest in new ideas and innovations from within developer ecosystem. As part of our ongoing commitment to the developer community, we are happy to announce that starting July 1 developers in the US will now have the opportunity to earn $5 (USD) in cash for every new rider referred through their app integration. Participating developers will be paid out after the first 50 new riders have been referred. More information will be available on our website in the next few weeks.

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