Uber Reveals the Pawsibility of Reminders With #UberKITTENS

Uber Reveals the Pawsibility of Reminders With #UberKITTENS

Few events are as beloved as UberKITTENS — who can resist on-demand furry friends? We look forward to KITTENS with immense anticipation every year, and we know our users do too. We also know that there’s nothing more devastating than furgetting to make that special request.

Last week the UberKITTENS team used our Ride Reminders API and Web View to support setting a reminder for KITTEN requests. In the 24 hours before UberKITTENS, thousands of users set a reminder to participate in the big event. Not only that, we learned that it pays to plan ahead. Nearly 10% of users who got deliveries of UberKITTENS had set a reminder to request.

10% of kitten recipients set a reminder

Users set a reminder by simply inputting their cell number which we associated with their Uber account. When UberKITTENS began, users received a push notification from the Uber app and they were a tap away from cute and cuddly kitten love.

Set a Reminder
Reminder Notification from Uber

Engaging your users at the purrfect time

Our community of app developers can use this same technique to drive engagement with your events by using the Ride Reminders API. Reminders is a great way to capture a user’s intent to participate in an upcoming event or ensure on-time arrival for reservations or appointments. If you have a use case where users need to request a ride at some time in the future, Ride Reminders are the purrfect answer to make sure they get there on-time and in style. Learn more in the Developer Docs. Get started with reminders on our developer site.

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