Introducing the Uber ETA App for Garmin Wearables

Introducing the Uber ETA App for Garmin Wearables

In 2015, Garmin introduced Connect IQ, an app system for its wearable lineup. Connect IQ lets users download free Garmin and third-party applications for their Garmin devices from the Connect IQ store. Connect IQ is now available on over 3 million devices worldwide, including wearables, bike computers, and outdoor handhelds.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Uber ETA app by Garmin for Connect IQ — powered by the Uber Trip Experiences API.

Uber ETA lets you check your driver’s pickup ETA, driver details, and the ETA to your destination on Garmin wearables the same way you check the time: with a flick of the wrist. The first time you run the application, you will need to log into your Uber account, which is done through the Garmin Connect Mobile application. Once you’ve completed the login, any time you request an Uber, the Uber ETA app will show you how many minutes until your ride arrives, guide you to your pickup location, and keep you updated on the ETA to your destination during your ride.

“The insight that each screen or device serves a specific purpose in the life cycle of any workflow — including an Uber ride — is a great one. We’re excited to work with Garmin to create an elegant solution for their wearable devices that makes it easier than ever for riders to keep an eye on their ride’s status with a flick of the wrist.” — Chris Saad, Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform

“Just as each Garmin user is unique, so are all of the apps available through Connect IQ. We’re excited to launch the Uber ETA app as we continue to integrate with brands and developers and grow the Connect IQ store to make customizing your Garmin device both useful and fun.” — Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Worldwide Sales

The Garmin Connect IQ wearable platform features GPS, a compass, accelerometers, BLE connectivity, and an impressive one week battery life. However, with their small screens and limited input, user experience considerations for wearables are very different than those for mobile apps. People often don’t want to execute complicated user flows on their watch, especially when a device that is much better suited for such input is in their pocket.

Using this insight, Garmin designed the Uber ETA app to complement the main Uber mobile app. The intention is that users will continue to request rides using the Uber mobile app, accessing all of if its powerful features, such as destination search, Uber to a friend, and product and pricing selection. The Uber ETA app on the Garmin wearable kicks in after the ride has been requested, providing driver and car information, as well as the driver’s ETA. Because the wearable has built-in GPS and a compass, the Uber ETA app can guide you to your pickup location and tell you how far away the driver is. After the driver picks you up, the app provides an ETA to your final destination.

Integrating with Uber

Integrating the Uber API with Connect IQ’s OAUTH support was painless. The Trip Experiences API provided the exact trip information we needed without any additional overhead, which is important when there is a low bandwidth connection between the wearable and the phone. The Uber ETA app also combines data from the GET/requests/current API endpoint with the user’s GPS and compass location. Using the rider’s current GPS location, the coordinates of the pickup location, and the compass, the app provides straight-line guidance to where the driver expects to pick up the rider.

Get Started

The Uber ETA app is available today from the Garmin Connect IQ Store. The app requires your Garmin watch to be paired with Garmin Connect Mobile. Once the Uber ETA app is installed, you can launch it from your wearable’s apps menu.

Garmin wearables are already well known for their ability to survive Ironman triathlons. With the Uber ETA app and Connect IQ, we hope they will become just as known for conveniently tracking your Uber rides and ultimately making those rides more enjoyable. Visit the Connect IQ Store to install the Uber ETA app on your Garmin watch today.

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