Uber’s API Helps Trulia Customers Find Their Dream Homes

Uber’s API Helps Trulia Customers Find Their Dream Homes

Housing bubbles. Mortgage lenders. Pre-approvals. Inspections. Buying the perfect home can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Trulia, a leading real estate portal on web and mobile, can help consumers navigate the complexities of finding the perfect home, right from the beginning of their search, when people often visit multiple properties in various locations. In an effort to make this experience truly seamless, Trulia has integrated Uber’s API to provide an additional resource to assist their customers on their journey. Now Trulia customers will be able to visit each home listing, simply by getting an Uber right from the Trulia mobile experience.

“Trulia’s new collaboration with Uber is an example of how Trulia simplifies the search for your next home. Uber is an innovative company that’s now empowering our users to take the next step, from viewing homes online to touring in person.”

—Jonathan McNulty, Head of Consumer Product at Trulia

Uber creates opportunity in the property market

Uber’s integration with Trulia is available in every city in the US. But why is this particular integration such a game changer for home buyers? If you’ve ever looked for a home, you’re all too familiar with how tedious it can be to visit multiple properties. Without a real estate agent to guide you through new neighborhoods, it’s even more apparent when you have to navigate unfamiliar territory and suffer searching for parking in some of the most congested areas of town. All of this adds up to a poor consumer experience.

Now with the help of Uber, touring homes is much easier. Uber’s integration allows you to get to your destination with ease, simply by utilizing Uber’s technology platform. Potential homeowners will no longer have to worry about parking when they visit each home and it provides each homeowner with another transportation option, where transportation may not be as accessible.

Deep dive on Uber’s integration on Trulia

So how exactly does Uber work on Trulia? Whenever a customer on Trulia lands on the property detail page for each home listing within the mobile website, the option to request an Uber will appear right next to the button for “Get Directions.” The property details page essentially provides customers with everything they need to know about the property and now creates an easy way for customers to go see it in person. Trulia’s Uber integration simplifies this task. But what did Trulia’s team think about the effort it took to integrate Uber’s API?

“Uber has an easy-to-use API that made the integration straight-forward and quick.”

—Jonathan McNulty, Head of Consumer Product at Trulia

Free Rides (up to $20 for new users)

In true Uber fashion, Uber will be giving new users a free ride (up to $20) right from Trulia. All you have to do is open up the Trulia mobile website, and click on the Uber button to get started!

Win free Uber rides with Trulia’s instant win game

Did this year’s gifts leave a lil’ something to be desired? Not to worry because Trulia is giving you another chance at hundreds of great prizes that you can keep or easily regift to others. Starting today, Free Gift or Regift is an instant-win game within the top-rated Trulia home search app. Unwrap your gift with a quick swipe for your chance to win free Uber rides or other awesome prizes. Get the free app on iOS or Android to play today and tomorrow for your chance to win.

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