Seamlessly Catch an Uber With Triposo—Your Smart Travel Guide App

Seamlessly Catch an Uber With Triposo—Your Smart Travel Guide App

By Jade Goldsmith

Triposo is the gateway to unique travel experiences in 50,000 destinations across the globe. Our travel app has seen 10 million downloads to date and is a comprehensive tool that makes travel accessible, personalized and smooth every step of the way. To make things easier for our travelers, we recently integrated Uber into our app.

How it works

Wherever Uber is available, you can get a ride from the Triposo app with just a few taps. In Paris and want to go to the Louvre? No problem. In New York and want to go to the Empire State Building? Let’s go. On each point of interest page there is an Uber button. Tap it, choose your ride, and get automatically redirected to the Uber app. Your current location will be preset as the starting point with the point of interest as the destination. All you have to do is tap “Request” and go.

If you don’t have the Uber app installed, it’s just as easy to get things going. A simple flow will guide you to the App Store where you can get the app and request your first ride.

Integrating the Uber Button

To integrate Uber into the Triposo app, we worked with one of Uber’s partners, Button. Button allowed our developers to add a single SDK and insert a fully functional and user-friendly Uber button into our app. Button also provides us with the ability to track and measure incoming users. Integrating the button was seamless and took only a few hours and a couple lines of code to get things working.

Why Uber

We are always searching for ways to improve traveler experiences in-destination. The Triposo-Uber integration does exactly that. Uber is a global transportation service that spans 500+ cities and 80+ countries, making it a seamless and reliable choice. This partnership is a time-saving and pain-free way to get a ride no matter where you are or where you want to go.

Get the Triposo app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today.

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