Tripcase Increases Conversion by Understanding Their User Audience

Tripcase Increases Conversion by Understanding Their User Audience

Before you develop an app, it’s important to identify your intended audience. Starting with this helps you gain a deeper understanding of your users, as well as prioritize the features to build for them.

TripCase integrated the Uber API last August to provide their travelers with the ability to quickly request an Uber car directly from their app. The app focuses on helping travelers manage their trips efficiently, which is why including Uber’s on-demand ridesharing service was such a natural decision for the team. Since the feature went live, the team has already seen some impressive results and credits the success to the value that the Uber API integration provides to their users.

“Putting this value-added service in front of a traveler when the need for transportation is at its highest is key. It’s partnerships like this, where both brands come to the table with services that enhance the traveler experience, that prove to be the most valuable to both companies, and ultimately, the end-users.”

—John Samuel, SVP at Sabre

And the winning category is: convenience

TripCase managed over 30 million trips in 2014 alone. With a focus on convenience, the team designed the app to be able to “tap into the mind” of the traveler at their specific moment of decision.

TripCase found that convenience is the number one consideration for 76% of travelers when choosing a mode of ground transportation.

With Uber, price estimates and arrival times are automatically populated to save travelers the hassle of having to find a ride solution. Even the placement (located in the hotel itinerary) is strategically placed to provide users with the utmost convenience.

Although convenience may rank as the number one consideration for travelers when choosing ground transportation, price and payment were not too far behind. Luckily Uber also addresses these concerns with the ability to add multiple credit cards to each Uber account and a low cost option for transportation. When compared to many of the larger cities such as LA, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, SF, and New York, the cost of an uberX averages out to be 36% cheaper than taxis.

Convenience leads to conversion

In the last six months, TripCase has seen a consistent increase in trips taken, which is good news for app developers who are participating in Uber’s Affiliate Program. The program provides independent app developers with the opportunity to earn rewards with Uber, simply by using the Uber API. For every new Uber user that takes a ride through their app, Uber will credit the app developer with $5 (USD) in Uber credits.

For TripCase, the Uber button within the app received a 7% click-through rate. 25% of users completed the signup, which includes entering credit card information. Of those users who completed the sign-up flow, 58% of them also took their first Uber ride within the first week.

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