Introducing Uber Trip Branding and Personalization

Introducing Uber Trip Branding and Personalization

By Drew Quinn

Today we are announcing a new way to strengthen the connection between your app or site and the Uber ride experience. Developers who use deeplinks or Ride Reminders can now re-engage the users they send to the Uber app through trip branding and personalization.

Trip branding and personalization allows you to specify branded, customized elements that show up on trip in the Uber app and link back to a URL of your choosing.

Here’s how this feature can help you and your users:

Create a personalized experience

Include a customized message that is relevant to a specific user at a specific time. For example, Hilton allows users to view stay details and check into their hotel on the way there.

Give destination context

Present your users with access to information about their destination. For instance, Zomato will provide a link to check out a restaurant’s menu.

And Tube Map will help users connect routes and plan the next leg of their journey.

Get app downloads

Prompt your desktop users to download your mobile app while they are on their Uber trip. American Airlines gives users easy access to check their flight status. And if the app is not installed, users will be sent to the App Store or Google Play instead.

Enhance your Ride Reminder

For events scheduled with Ride Reminders, we show users a branded destination suggestion in the Uber app ahead of time. Hilton uses this feature to help users get to their hotel.

Want to learn more about trip branding and personalization? Check out our getting started guide below.

Getting started

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