Your Friends, on Demand.

Your Friends, on Demand.

Today we want to showcase another great app built on the Uber API: Teleport!

Built by a great team based out of New York, Teleport is one of the first startups to really push the limits of the API to create new use cases. Teleport currently offers two products that utilize the Uber API.

Teleport for iOS

You can already get food, clothing, flowers, etc delivered on demand — why not your friends and family? Just drop the pin where you want to meet and tap on the friend in your address book that you want “delivered”. It’s that easy.

In order to receive their free ride, your friends will receive a link so they can easily accept using a rich mobile web experience — no app downloaded needed. They’ll also get all real-time information about their ride and driver so they can coordinate the pickup.

Teleport Keyboard

In addition to the great full-screen app, the team has recently launched a keyboard app that allows you to use Teleport functionality in any messaging app. This makes Teleporting as easy as sending a text message. Send a Teleport from your favorite messaging apps, including: iMessage, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, or even email! You’ll never have to leave a conversation again when you’re ready to bring your friends together.

Download the app here.

Interested in learning more? Email Teleport at and follow them @GetTeleportApp.

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