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The Road to uChat: Building Uber’s Internal Chat Solution

Two years ago, Uber’s previous chat application began showing signs that it would not be able to adapt to our growth. There were app crashes, performance hiccups, and outages that crippled our company’s ability to effectively communicate online. With user

Demystifying RxJava Backpressure on Android at Uber Engineering


The quick and efficient transmission of information about app activity—e.g., requesting rides, placing orders, or approaching a pickup location—is crucial to a seamless user experience across Uber’s products.

At Uber, we use RxJava heavily in our Android apps to clearly

Presenting the Engineering Behind Uber at Our Technology Day

On March 10, 2017 in Palo Alto, Uber hosted the inaugural Uber Technology Day, sponsored by LadyEng, Uber’s community of female engineers, data scientists, and allies founded in 2014. The event brought together people from across Uber’s engineering organizations

The Uber Engineering Tech Stack, Part II: The Edge and Beyond

Uber Engineering

Uber’s mission is transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone. Last time, we talked about the foundation that powers Uber Engineering. Now, we’ll explore the parts of the stack that face riders and drivers, starting