Ride Reminders Available Now Through the Uber API

Ride Reminders Available Now Through the Uber API

With Deep Links and the Uber API, we make it easy for your users to instantly order a ride that will show up in minutes. Enabling immediate on-demand rides in your app creates amazing experiences, but many of our developer partners have asked for an additional feature: setting reminders for future rides.

Starting today, developers can use the Uber API to set a reminder for a future trip using the new Ride Reminders API. When the appropriate time arrives, the Uber App will generate a push notification on the user’s device and — with one tap or swipe — they’ll be on their way.

Think of Ride Reminders as a delayed Ride Request or Deep-link. You provide the same information like Start Location and Destination. But with Ride Reminders, you also tell us the user’s Phone Number and intended start time/date of the trip — we’ll take care of the rest!

Ride Reminders also work great for new users who do not yet have the Uber App. They are sent an SMS with installation instructions, and the ride reminder will be applied to their new account.

To get started, check out our developer documentation, guidelines, and tutorial.

Earlier this year, Uber made Ride Reminders available for a limited number of launch partners. You’ve already read about Microsoft Outlook, Stubhub and Hilton. Evite and MyTime have now released their integrations as well, demonstrating what happens when creative companies marry Ride Reminders with their particular use-cases.

Invitations that increase party attendance

Planning social experiences take effort. When you’re the ringleader, you need to get the word out to friends in a way that both delights and handles the details. Evite powers more celebrations than any other online brand, with more than 7 million party planners sending over 200 million invitations using them every year. In short, they know how to party.

Evite doesn’t just want to help you plan your party, they want your party to come together seamlessly. Using the new Ride Reminders API, Evite encourages your invitees to set an Uber Ride Reminder. At the appropriate time they will get a push notification reminding them to start their trip so that they can arrive on time — or “fashionably late” if they prefer.

SAAS that’s truly full service

MyTime allows you to book appointments with millions of local businesses, many with instant confirmation. Businesses ranging from hair salons to dental offices connect their calendars to MyTime so you can see their service menus and real-time availability. If you want it done, chances are that you can book it through MyTime.

Now, with integrated Uber Ride Reminders, you can take your personal efficiency to the next level. The next time that you book a massage using MyTime, you can set a Ride Reminder to start relaxing early in an Uber. When your driver picks you up, they’ll already know where you’re headed; no need to enter the address.

“MyTime allows you to more easily book appointments online from nearby businesses. Everyone has a better experience when you arrive on time and the business is ready and waiting. Uber Ride Reminders help to make this delightful interaction a common reality.”

—Ethan Anderson, CEO MyTime

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