Practo & Uber Deliver Rides to Better Health

Practo & Uber Deliver Rides to Better Health

Every day billions of people struggle to receive quality healthcare, to find the right doctor or diagnostic centre, and simply to arrive at their appointments reliably and hassle-free. That’s why today we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Practo, the leading healthcare platform in Asia.

Practo’s mission is to help individuals live healthier, longer livers. Now through Uber, they can ensure quick and convenient access to world-class healthcare services at the push of a button to their users around the world.

World-class healthcare at the push of a button

Practo patients will no longer have to hail a ride when feeling under the weather or ask a friend to drive them to the hospital for their appointment. Practo has integrated the Uber API to seamlessly transport patients to their doctor or diagnostic lab in India, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

“We want to ensure that we follow our Patient First philosophy and give our patients the best healthcare experience from finding the right doctor to the end of the illness. Millions of users trust our platform every month and over the next 12 months we will take Practo to billions of people globally. We are using Uber’s world class technology to make access to quality health care easier to everyone and will soon extend our partnership into all of the new countries we operate in. Through this strategic collaboration with Uber, patients can now have a hassle free and relaxing experience when traveling to medical centers.”

—Shashank ND, Founder and CEO at Practo

Now Practo patients can view their estimated fare and how long it will take for their Uber to arrive inside the Practo app. When they get in the car the driver will know exactly where to go. The next phase of integration will take advantage of Uber’s newest feature, ride reminders, to notify patients an hour before their appointment so they never have to worry about running late to see their doctor.

“We are delighted to partner with Practo in an innovative way that utilizes our technology to help improve access to quality healthcare for their users. Getting to and from doctors appointments easily can be a challenge and this integration reflects our common commitment to create a seamless experience for all our users.”

—Amit Jain, President of Uber India

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