Pebble Puts the Power of Uber Into Your Watch

Pebble Puts the Power of Uber Into Your Watch

Setting yourself apart from the competition can be a challenging task, especially for those in the wearable technology space. But for the team at Pebble, differentiation has always been a key principle. Since their initial launch in 2012 on Kickstarter, the team has been consistently challenging the norm for smartwatches with their signature e-paper display, custom OS, and most recently their unique timeline interface. As a result, the team has raised over $20.3 million in their latest crowdfunding campaign, making Pebble the number one funded project on Kickstarter.

Starting today Uber will be integrated into Pebble with a one-of-a-kind experience. Users will not only be able easily get to where they need to go, but they’ll be able to do it right from their watch.

“Pebble is all about helping busy people get things done. A key part of that is people getting where they need to go–simply and quickly. In partnership with Uber, we’ve begun to do just that…and this is only the beginning.”

—Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble

An Uber experience unlike any other

So what makes the Uber integration on Pebble Timeline so special? In the past, many of our integrations have heavily relied on deep linking in order to provide users with the signature Uber experience.

Using Uber’s Request endpoint, users with Pebble Time can now request an Uber, set a favorite destination, and watch the car arrive, all without taking out their phone. Once they arrive at their destination, users can even check out all the rides they’ve taken on their timeline. The best part about all of this? Users will feel right at home with the custom design that the team has set up.

Try out Uber on Pebble with a free ride

Uber believes that everyone should get a chance to experience Uber. To celebrate the Uber launch on Pebble, all new users will get a free ride (up to $20). Simply type in the promo code below into your Uber app and you’ll be all set!


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