Mealmade — On-Demand Paleo Meals Delivered

Mealmade — On-Demand Paleo Meals Delivered

By Nathan Lam

Eating clean can be tough, especially when it comes to particular diets like Paleo. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or a seasoned veteran, you might find yourself needing extra time to learn, prepare, and plan for meals to avoid any hiccups along the way. Indeed, for many individuals, finding the time to stay true to a diet is often the biggest challenge. Add in the limited number of restaurants that will accommodate your ingredient restrictions, and the challenge becomes even harder.

Mealmade, a delivery-only restaurant in San Francisco, realized the potential benefit of making dining options more accessible and convenient for those on special diets. In 2015, the team set out to create a business that would not only leverage the on-demand concept, but one that would provide a variety of high-quality organic, gluten-free — and most importantly — delicious meals.

“There are few restaurant options and even fewer delivery options for people who eat differently, whether that means gluten-free, low carb, or Paleo-pescatarian. Mealmade offers customers a break from cooking by providing delicious meals on-demand, all free of gluten, soy, industrial seed oils, chemicals, and refined sugar. Every dish is made from scratch and designed for delivery, resulting in an exceptionally tasty meal that arrives hot and ready to eat.” — Jeff Nobbs, CEO and Founder of Mealmade

Finding the right logistics platform

When you’re building an on-demand business, logistics can either make or break your product. Even if your food is phenomenal, customers will almost always consider delivery as part of the overall experience. For Mealmade, UberRUSH and its API were the answer to this challenge.

Mealmade Web View

The benefits to Mealmade and its customers were compelling:

  • Fast deliveries: When businesses tap into Uber’s delivery network, they have access to thousands of drivers in their city. UberRUSH enables Mealmade to not only expand its business, but to quickly get its food to its customers.
  • Discovering the magic after the kitchen: Creating magic for your customers means understanding their end-to-end experience. UberRUSH sets a high bar for operational standards, including door-to-door delivery service, standard hot bags to keep your food warm, and real-time tracking info to let customers know exactly where their meals are when out for delivery.
  • A brand that your customers trust: “Every dish is made to order in our central kitchen in San Francisco. That means fresh, tasty food that hasn’t been sitting around for hours. Teaming up with Uber means that a courier is always a few minutes away and our customers have come to expect that since they’re familiar with Uber’s ride-hailing business.” — Sean McGuire, Executive Chef at Mealmade

The team’s just getting started

A core tenant of UberRUSH’s mission is to help businesses take their product to the next level. Take a look at how UberRUSH and the API have helped Mealmade maximize its operations.

Total Volume Over Time
Total Delivery Time
Before and After: Mealmade Delivery Zone

What are customers saying?

“Amazing!! I am so impressed with the food. It is by far the best quality food delivery service I have experienced. Keep up the good work and please never take the crispy chicken tenders off your menu!” — Jordan C, May 2016

“Appreciate it being ASAP, I am a hungry man today (most days). We need solid Paleo food options — this is a godsend” — Rohin P, May 2016

“It was great, both my girlfriend and I have certain dietary restrictions and you have more options and are better tasting than almost any other service we’ve found. Fast delivery too, will definitely be using often” — Bradley D, June 2016

What’s next for the team?

It’s still early innings for the Mealmade team. They currently deliver weeknight dinners in San Francisco and have plans to expand to weekends, lunch, and new cities with a growing menu of exceptional food you can’t find anywhere else. If you haven’t tried Mealmade yet, use promo code “MMRUSHSF” before September 30th to get 20% off your first meal.

Sean McGuire, Executive Chef at Mealmade

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