Student Uses Uber API to Create an App That Helps Travelers Explore Cities

Student Uses Uber API to Create an App That Helps Travelers Explore Cities

A few weeks ago, Uber hosted its second onsite hackathon with MakerSquare at the MakerSquare campus in San Francisco. The competition challenged students and alumni to build an app using the Uber API within 24 hours.

At the end of the competition, Justin Charlap (Product Management Lead at Microsoft), Kyle Simpson (AKA Getify and Head of Curriculum at MakerSquare), members of the Uber API team, and several MakerSquare staff judged each project. As usual, each project was judged on design, originality, effective use of the API, impact, and utility.


The competition was fierce and every team did a phenomenal job creating apps that integrated the Uber API. However, at the end of the challenge, a solo developer — Stephen Tu — took home the grand prize. Stephen created an app called Hop!, which helps users plan and explore different things to do in a city. With Hop!, users simply select their city of interest, and the app automatically generates popular activities, landmarks, and restaurants around the area.

Once the user selects all the places that he or she is interested in, an itinerary is automatically created for the user. The user can then choose his or her preferred mode of transportation, with Uber being the default option. If the location is close enough, the user can even let the app know that he or she is willing to walk and the route will automatically adjust.

“This was a really great chance to learn things on the fly and hack things together. I’m really grateful that Uber and Makersquare managed to put this event together.”

—Stephen Tu, MakerSquare Student and Hackathon Winner

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