Uber and MakerSquare Work Together to Hone the Best JS Developers

Uber and MakerSquare Work Together to Hone the Best JS Developers

Last month we had the opportunity to get more involved with the developer community by partnering up with incredible institutions like Coding Dojo. Today we’re excited to grow that initiative by working together with yet another institution that’s been paying it forward since 2013. Starting today, Uber and MakerSquare will be working together to design an advanced JavaScript curriculum that will not only leverage Uber’s expertise in API development, but also help students prepare for the challenges ahead as software engineers.

With over 300 graduates in the last two years, MakerSquare has been considered by many as the current leading bootcamp in JavaScript programming in the US. Although MakerSquare’s mission is to help aspiring developers become software engineers, the advanced nature of the curriculum often attracts CS graduates and experienced developers who are looking to hone their skills. Students learn advanced JS ranging from data structures & complexity analysis to algorithms and design patterns from one of their onsite locations in Austin, San Francisco, or LA (opening in June 2015).

“We’re very excited to partner with Uber and get more developers building innovative apps using the Uber API. Uber has a strong reputation of hiring best-in-class software engineers, which is why we’re excited to have the team at Uber work with our students to make our program that much better.”

—Harsh Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of MakerSquare

As we move forward together, we’re excited to see how students take advantage of the custom Uber API sprints, the different events that we collaborate on, and the mentorship opportunities together.

Giving back one video at a time

Similar to Uber, MakerSquare is heavily involved with giving back to the developer community. In the last year, the team has hosted training sessions during Ruby conferences, sponsored several JS events, and even created their own video tutorials online for the public. Together with MakerSquare, we want to help continue this effort by working with the students to create videos that will help aspiring developers get started with APIs. In true Uber fashion, we want to to spice it up a bit by letting the students go head to head against each other in a video competition. During this challenge students will be critiqued on their videos based on creativity, effective use of the API, and effective use of delivery. We look forward to seeing what the students build and the creativity that they will bring to the table.

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