Get Your Vacation Started With™ and Uber

Get Your Vacation Started With™ and Uber

Planning a vacation often requires a vacation: researching and stitching together the perfect itinerary and travel plans can be exhausting. That’s why we were eager to work with Uber so at least when you arrive in your destination you know getting to your hotel will be hassle-free. Starting today, when you bring up your accommodation reservation on the Android app, on the day of your stay, you’ll be able to call an Uber with one tap directly from the homepage or reservation page, so you can get your vacation started faster!

Working with one of Uber’s partners, Button, we realized we could drop in a SDK that seamlessly serves up a beautiful user experience for any app developer looking to add an Uber button into their app or their mobile website. We put the SDK to the test, with the goal of integrating Uber into our Android app within the short span of a hackathon, earlier this year in March. Within just a couple of hours, we had a fully functioning Uber Button up & running. Our developers were so impressed with the ease of integration and the utility added to our user experience that naturally we decided to make this hack a reality.

We’re always looking at ways to enhance the in-stay experience for customers through mobile, so on offering easy access to Uber, we hope we can make their hotel stay even better by getting them there faster, to start their trip sooner. Our Uber Button will be accessible in our mobile app across 60 countries and in 30 different languages. Whether you’re traveling to Rome or Raleigh, & Uber have got you covered.

By Jane Roslyak, Senior Product Manager for Mobile at brand.