Getting Hip to Chat: Connecting With Enterprise Messaging

Getting Hip to Chat: Connecting With Enterprise Messaging

Every day Uber helps companies move faster and smarter. When it comes to business users, we’re dedicated to improving the experience of both business travelers and companies with tools like Uber for Business and Business Profiles. But it doesn’t stop there. With the Uber API, businesses are also innovating new enterprise product experiences for customers and users.

That’s why we’re excited to share that Hipchat is leading the way for their customers by delivering the Uber service directly into their enterprise messaging app. Using their new HipChat Connect platform and the Uber API, HipChat has enabled an intuitive way to order an Uber while chatting with co-workers, pile into a ride with your colleagues and track the trip from start-to-finish in stream with your conversation in HipChat.

HipChat Uber is a great example of an enterprise Uber API integration that delights customers and employees. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

See it in action

Under the hood

This integration was made possible by the new HipChat Connect platform and, of course, the Uber API.

Underneath it uses a bunch of cool tech including…

  • Firebase — Firebase made it easy for for the HipChat team to build a real-time service and UI.
  • React/Redux — React is this decade’s jQuery and what all the cool-kids are using to build highly maintainable UI views. Redux is the state manager that brings sanity and maintainability to web apps.
  • Node/Express — The team used the HipChat Connect SDK that’s built on top of Node and Express
  • Uber API — Powering the deep integration into Uber for ETAs, Product lists, Ride Requests and Trip Status Tracking

If you’re interested in digging deeper, feel free to clone it and run it locally. It’s been open sourced and the HipChat team would love for you to contribute to it.


HipChat Connect is still in beta, but you can add Uber to your room today.

If you’d like to see more features, reach out to the HipChat team on Twitter at @hipchat or send a pull request.

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