Uber and Hack Reactor Expand Outreach to Aspiring Developers

Uber and Hack Reactor Expand Outreach to Aspiring Developers

Last month we announced our partnership with MakerSquare and today we’re excited to welcome their sister school, Hack Reactor Remote Beta, into our partnership program. With more than 800 graduates spanning several campuses, Hack Reactor has been recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious providers of coding education, and the first to create a fully online immersive coding bootcamp that matches the intensity and outcomes of their onsite offerings.

Starting today, our team will be working closely with the Hack Reactor Remote Beta faculty, in a joint effort to expand developer outreach and help train engineers with our expertise in API development. Remote Beta’s real-time online program is available worldwide, and previous cohorts have attracted budding engineers from across the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong and Canada.

“Hack Reactor Remote Beta is excited to continue innovating by partnering with Uber. Having students work with a company known for their leading engineering team and practices allows us to further advance the quality and relevance of our groundbreaking educational program.”

—Adrian Khoo, Strategist at Hack Reactor Remote Beta

Moving forward, Hack Reactor Remote Beta students will receive specially designed sprints that feature engineering paradigms championed at Uber, with opportunities for students and the Uber team to collaborate virtually as part of their Remote Beta experience.

Who said hackathons had to be in person?

A couple months ago we held our first virtual hackathon online. With the addition of the Remote Beta program into our developer community, Uber and Hack Reactor Remote Beta will be co-hosting a private hackathon online in the upcoming months to get more students involved. Hackathons provide a unique environment for creativity and are a tremendous learning opportunity for developers. We’re excited to see what these students will build and how they will take advantage of the Uber API.

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