Eight Apps Built on the Trip Experiences API to Make Your Uber Ride Awesome

Eight Apps Built on the Trip Experiences API to Make Your Uber Ride Awesome

This past January, we announced the Trip Experiences API to enable developers to craft a custom experience for their users based on the context of an Uber trip, opening up new and exciting possibilities for users to engage with the apps they love.

Today, we wanted to share a few of our favorite Trip Experiences built using this powerful API.

The Washington Post — A newsworthy trip experience

This fall, the Washington Post is launching an integration with Uber’s Trip Experiences API as a feature inside The Washington Post Classic app for iPhone. The Washington Post is always looking for new ways to serve its readers and create a tailored experience for them — wherever they happen to be. The Washington Post trip experience provides the progress of an Uber ride through a trip status bar at the bottom of the screen. Now, while reading the news during an Uber ride, users no longer have to switch to and from the Uber app to know where they are on the ride, or how much longer the trip will take. As a future product feature of their trip experience, the Washington Post will also be dropping the paywall for users on Uber trips. This means, for new and casual readers, articles read during a commute or en route to a night out will be totally free. Learn more.

Otto Radio — Listen to news and podcasts timed for your ride

Get your front page of news read to you and discover podcasts you love while you Uber. Unlike traditional radio, your interests determine what Otto Radio plays for you, so you can keep up-to-date even during your downtime. Using Uber’s “Current” endpoint, Otto Radio sets the length of your playlist and dynamically adjusts in case of delays. Otto Radio’s trip experience is available today for both iOS and Android. Learn more.

Cupper — The ultimate coffee experience

Cupper prides itself on getting you to the best cafes. The combination of Cupper’s café discovery platform with Uber’s ride-sharing platform offers coffee lovers and newcomers alike a first class coffee experience. Through this API integration, Cupper users can now discover the best coffee spots near their Uber destination during their ride — all within the Cupper app. This simple and powerful connection between Cupper and Uber is just the beginning of how Cupper is transforming the coffee experience. Learn more.

Hoodline — Discover local stories around your destination

What’s happening where you’re headed? You can now read the most relevant nearby news and information from Hoodline and 100+ partner sites, including local news stations. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can connect Uber to your Hoodline account and discover what’s going on in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto. With the Uber Trip Experience, Hoodline serves local news and videos within a third of a mile of your destination, and identifies news, hotspots and hubs of interest around the city. Learn more.

Work Hard Anywhere — Find the best spots to work from, and Uber there

Work might be hard but finding a place to work shouldn’t be. Work Hard Anywhere is an app that helps people easily find laptop-friendly cafés and spaces to work from around the world. The platform has collected 12,000+ locations across 100+ countries and has helped tens of thousands of freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers find a place to get work done. With the new Uber Trip Experience integration, people can now easily discover the best spots to work near their destinations. Learn more.

Doblet — Find phone charging stations while on the go

No more worrying about low battery power or a dead smartphone when you’re out on the town. Use the Doblet app to find nearby venues that carry the Doblet charger. Doblet has integrated with Uber’s Trip Experience API to provide users an easy way to access free phone charging near their destinations. Once you find a venue you like, simply make it your new destination or pick up a Doblet charger en route to your destination. Learn more.

BRAVO — Chat and pay while on your way

BRAVO™ makes it easy to send a message and payments to your favorite host, waitress, bartender or musician at the restaurant, bar or club you’re heading to or on your way home. Through BRAVO’s integration with the Trip Experience API, users get a reminder to contact service professionals during your ride and allows you to chat securely before arriving at your destination or as you’re leaving. You can also request an Uber and even monitor your trip status from BRAVO. Learn more.

Firefly — Locate friends near your Uber destination

What are my best friends doing? Where are they? Are they on the way to the party already? These are the sorts of questions that Firefly help you answer. Firefly allows you see your friends plotted on a map as they move around in real-time and message them directly or in a group conversation. And now, Firefly uses Uber’s Trip Experiences API so fireflies can see when their friends on the way to their location. They can also order an Uber from Firefly by using the #uber flashtag! Coordinating with friends is now easier than ever. Learn more.

These Trip Experiences are compelling examples of how apps can leverage the Uber Trip Experiences API to differentiate their offering and give users more personalized and relevant content while getting from A to B.

For more information on how to build your own Uber Trip Experience, get started now with the Trip Experiences tutorial.

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