DevLeague and Uber Host a Hawaii-Wide Hackathon

DevLeague and Uber Host a Hawaii-Wide Hackathon

In late October, T offering a twelve-week long full-time course and a twenty-six week long part-time course.

We had the delight of watching 74 DevLeague hackers spread across four Hawaiian islands — connected by a video stream and a Slack channel — hacking away at new projects using the Uber API. It was the first event of its kind thrown by DevLeague, and it was a smashing success.

Thanks to Jason Sewell, Victor Lee, and Russel Cheng of DevLeague for organizing the event.

Our winner in the Best Application Overall category is Nightout — an app that lets you vote with your friends on where to meet up and then take Uber rides to get there.

For our Most Creative Idea award, we picked Hueber — an app designed to help riders quickly find their drivers in airports and other crowded pickup areas. The Hueber app generates a random, bright colored flag that appears on the rider phone. The driver is texted the flag, and can look around for the corresponding rider holding his or her flag in the air.

For our Oh So Pretty award (for the hack with the best visual design), we picked Vivid Hawaii — a travel app showing interesting destinations in Hawaii to both English and Japanese speaking tourists.

We’re always excited to attend hackathons and see new ideas and products emerge on top of the Uber API.

We continue to work hard on the API to make it easy to use and adding as many useful and powerful features as possible. Your feedback, and hacks/apps/implementations serve as powerful inputs to help inspire and prioritize our work. Stay tuned for much more to come!

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