Uber and Code Fellows Expand Developer Outreach to PNW and the Midwest

Uber and Code Fellows Expand Developer Outreach to PNW and the Midwest

As part of our ongoing efforts to connect with and give back to the developer community in areas beyond Silicon Valley, Uber is teaming up with Code Fellows to support aspiring developers in Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. Code Fellows has been consistently ranked as one of the best coding academies in the nation. Its beginner-level classes are tailored to new coders, while its intensive Development Accelerators prep intermediate developers for full-time jobs in the industry. Code Fellows has graduated over 500 students since 2013 and has a 97% successful placement rate. Students involved with Code Fellows can choose to specialize in Python, Full-Stack JavaScript, iOS, Ruby on Rails, or Front-End development.

With this new partnership, students will soon be able to take advantage of Uber’s expertise in API development in their curriculum, receive career guidance from Uber employees, and participate in developer events.

“Code Fellows is passionate about improving lives by providing training for world-class developers. Partnering with Uber opens up so many opportunities for our students and their communities. Uber’s forward-thinking approach to technology — such as their open API — gives our students access to more cutting-edge resources. We couldn’t be more excited to partner together in this hackathon centered around ways to ‘Pay It Forward.”

—Mitch Robertson, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at Code Fellows

Bringing hackathons to the Pacific Northwest

With two onsite locations in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle and Portland), we thought it was time to host our very first hackathon in Seattle! In the upcoming months, Uber and Code Fellows will be co-hosting a hackathon to bring developers in the Pacific Northwest together. The theme will be “Paying it Forward”. Developers will be challenged to use the Uber API to benefit the people in their communities. We look forward to seeing what interesting projects these developers come up with!

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