Introducing Cash Rewards

Introducing Cash Rewards

A new way for developers to monetize

Today we’re excited to announce the new Uber API Affiliate Program. Starting tomorrow, US based developers can earn $5 (USD) for every new US-based Uber user they refer.

Since the initial launch of our API in August, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of apps integrate with Uber’s API. As we continue to grow, our team is always looking for new ways to support our developers. Whether we’re building new endpoints that enable richer experiences or creating new ways to help developers generate revenue, we will continue to raise the bar on how we best support the developer community.

Creating value

In addition to the Cash Rewards that developers can earn, we will be featuring some of the highest performing apps on our new showcase page.

As an app developer, we understand that creating a good user experience is essential, but the ability to monetize your app can be the difference between a side project and building a meaningful business. We hope that this new program will offer developers a meaningful new way to monetize their apps and raise awareness for their hard work. If you want to learn more about how you can get started, visit our Uber API Affiliate Program page to learn more. Enroll Now!

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