Bluesmart Puts the Power of Uber Into Your Carry On

Bluesmart Puts the Power of Uber Into Your Carry On

Traveling may be a breeze for some, but it can also be a strenuous task for others. That’s why Bluesmart, a Y Combinator startup, created a high quality carry-on suitcase that lets users control their suitcase using their phone. The startup has already raised over $2M on Indiegogo and will be shipping out their first batch of carry ons in October. So how does it work? From the app, users can lock and unlock their suitcase, track it’s location, get the precise weight of the suitcase, receive notifications if it’s left behind and receive data on their travel patterns. Users can also charge their phone up to six times with the built-in battery.

As of today, Bluesmart is integrating Uber into their product to provide a set of exclusive services to anyone who uses a Bluesmart suitcase.

“Our mission at Bluesmart is to empower travelers and make the planet a smarter and more connected place. We are super excited to announce this integration with Uber, a company that shares our mission. With this integration we hope to reduce the hassle that travelers have to experience when airlines lose their bags. We believe that technology should make our lives easier and this is the goal of this collaboration.”

—Diego Saez-Gil, CEO and Co-Founder at Bluesmart

Your very own concierge and personal assistant has arrived

It might be pretty obvious by now, but Bluesmart isn’t your everyday suitcase and neither are the features that it offers. Bluesmart’s goal is to not only improve travel experience for consumers, but to simplify their tasks as well. Losing luggage at an airport is a tedious task. Often times users need to contact the airline, schedule a time to pick up their luggage, and physically go to the airport to retrieve it.

Bluesmart is completely revolutionizing this process. For Bluesmart users, airlines will not only locate users’ luggage through a GPS-enabled tracker, but they’ll also work with an Uber driver partner to retrieve the luggage at the airport and bring it directly to the user. All of this is free of charge and coordinated through the Bluesmart staff who will work with both the airline and the user in order to authenticate the ownership of the bag*.

Talk about convenience right? Well it doesn’t stop there. Using Uber’s API, the Bluesmart team was able to create a personal assistant like feature for their users. If a user is traveling with a Bluesmart carry-on, the app will be able to detect if the user has arrived from their flight. Bluesmart will then automatically scan for available Ubers around the area and prompt the user to see if they need a ride to their destination. With a couple taps, travelers can now get from point A to point B with a little less hassle.

Bluesmart users: your perks are arriving now

The team at Bluesmart didn’t want you to go home empty handed. To start it off, Bluesmart will be giving all Uber users $20 off Bluesmart carry ons. Simply type in the promo code “Uber” during checkout and your discount will be automatically applied. Every Bluesmart user will also get a $20 discount in their first Uber ride to the airport. All you have to do is type in promo code “Bluesmart” into your app and you’ll be on your way.

*Available only in US

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