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Zhishi Wang

Zhishi Wang is an Applied Scientist on Uber’s Marketing Science team. He mainly works on time series R&D, package development, and model platformization.

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The New Version of Orbit (v1.1) is Released: The Improvements, Design Changes, and Exciting Collaborations


The previous post gave an overview of Orbit, a Python package developed by Uber in order to perform Bayesian time-series analysis and forecasting. This post provides the details of the version 1.1 updates—in particular, changes in syntax of

Introducing Orbit, An Open Source Package for Time Series Inference and Forecasting

Orbit is a general interface for Bayesian time series modeling. The goal of Orbit development team is to create a tool that is easy to use, flexible, interitible, and high performing (fast computation). Under the hood, Orbit uses the probabilistic