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Yang Wang

Yang Wang is a senior software engineer with Uber's Data Visualization team.

Engineering Blog Articles

Manifold: A Model-Agnostic Visual Debugging Tool for Machine Learning at Uber


Machine learning (ML) is widely used across the Uber platform to support intelligent decision making and forecasting for features such as ETA prediction and fraud detection. For optimal results, we invest a lot of resources in developing accurate predictive

Research Papers

Manifold: A Model-Agnostic Framework for Interpretation and Diagnosis of Machine Learning Models

J. Zhang, Y. Wang, P. Molino, L. Li, D. Ebert
Interpretation and diagnosis of machine learning models have gained renewed interest in recent years with breakthroughs in new approaches. We present Manifold, a framework that utilizes visual analysis techniques to support interpretation, debugging, and comparison of machine learning models in a more transparent and interactive manner. [...] [PDF]
IEEE Visualization (IEEE VIS), 2018