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Xiaoji Chen

Xiaoji Chen is a senior software engineer on Uber's Data Visualization team.

Engineering Blog Articles

Introducing AVS, an Open Standard for Autonomous Vehicle Visualization from Uber


Understanding what autonomous vehicles perceive as they navigate urban environments is essential to developing the systems that will make them operate safely. And, just as we have standards for street signs and traffic infrastructure to help human drivers, autonomous vehicle

Uber Expands Advanced Visualization Ecosystem with Mapbox Integration

Uber’s suite gives users the tools to map mobility trends and take the pulse of a city with data visualization. To expand this charter, we are partnering with Mapbox, enhancing our data visualization tools and growing our open

Engineering Uber’s Self-Driving Car Visualization Platform for the Web


The ATG (Advanced Technologies Group) at Uber is shaping the future of driverless transportation. Earlier this year, the Data Visualization Team—which uses visualization for exploration, inspection, debugging and exposition of data—partnered with the ATG to improve how its self-driving