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Uday Kiran Medisetty

Uday Kiran Medisetty is a Principal Engineer at Uber. He has led, bootstrapped, and scaled major real-time platform initiatives in his tenure at Uber. He worked on revamping the overall Mobile API architecture from a monolithic polling-based flow to a bidirectional streaming-based flow. In the last 2 years, he led the re-write of the Fulfillment architecture that powers mission-critical business flows for all Uber verticals applications in the company. In the last couple of years, he led the re-architecture of Uber’s core fulfillment platform.

Engineering Blog Articles

Building Uber’s Fulfillment Platform for Planet-Scale using Google Cloud Spanner



The Fulfillment Platform is a foundational Uber domain that enables the rapid scaling of new verticals. The platform handles billions of database transactions each day, ranging from user actions (e.g., a driver starting a trip) and system actions

Uber’s Fulfillment Platform: Ground-up Re-architecture to Accelerate Uber’s Go/Get Strategy

Introduction to Fulfillment at Uber

Uber’s mission is to help our consumers effortlessly go anywhere and get anything in thousands of cities worldwide. At its core, we capture a consumer’s intent and fulfill it by matching it with the right

Uber’s Real-Time Push Platform

Uber builds multi-sided marketplaces handling millions of trips every day across the globe. We strive to build real-time experiences for all our users.

The nature of real time marketplaces make them very lively. Over the course of a trip, there

Designing Edge Gateway, Uber’s API Lifecycle Management Platform

The making of Edge Gateway, the highly-available and scalable self-serve gateway to configure, manage, and monitor APIs of every business domain at Uber.

Evolution of Uber’s API gateway

In October 2014, Uber had started its journey of scale in what