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Uday Kiran Medisetty

Uday Kiran Medisetty is a Sr. Staff Engineer at Uber. He led the implementation of moving the Uber Rider app from a monolithic polling-based architecture to HTTP/JSON APIs. When the Uber Rider app had a re-write and redesign in 2017, he used the experience from the previous migration to build the app from a pull-based architecture to push-based architecture and evangelized this to other mobile applications in the company. In the last couple of years, he led the re-architecture of Uber’s core fulfillment platform.

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Uber’s Real-Time Push Platform

Uber builds multi-sided marketplaces handling millions of trips every day across the globe. We strive to build real-time experiences for all our users.

The nature of real time marketplaces make them very lively. Over the course of a trip, there

Designing Edge Gateway, Uber’s API Lifecycle Management Platform

The making of Edge Gateway, the highly-available and scalable self-serve gateway to configure, manage, and monitor APIs of every business domain at Uber.

Evolution of Uber’s API gateway

In October 2014, Uber had started its journey of scale in what

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