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Uber and Ziosk Reinvent Your Dining Experience


Have you ever had an unforgettable dining experience? Whether it was from the delicious food or the spectacular service, a positive experience comes from minimal friction throughout your stay. But more often than not, your experience can quickly change in …

Transit App’s Focus on Design Leads to High Conversion

Every app store has hundreds of apps that carry the same basic functionality, but there’s always one app that stands out amongst the rest. More often than not, it’s one where the people behind the app have a relentless focus …

Citi Collaborates With Uber on Citi Mobile Challenge


We’re excited to announce the first of many hackathons that we will be participating in. Citi® Mobile Challenge, which is hosted by Citi, will be coming to Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) in search of the next big thing …

Weave Uses the Uber API to Help Bring Professionals Face to Face


Usually when you think of apps that bring two complete strangers together, the first thing that comes to mind are matchmaking apps. By simply swiping left or right, you could be matched with a complete stranger who may be also …

Dining with Zomato and Uber


One thing that our team is always excited about is the ability to work with other teams that operate at global scale, but still understand that every city is special in its own way. With the Uber API, we …

Uber’s API Helps Trulia Customers Find Their Dream Homes


Housing bubbles. Mortgage lenders. Pre-approvals. Inspections. Buying the perfect home can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Trulia, a leading real estate portal on web and mobile, can help consumers navigate the complexities of finding the perfect home, right from …

Carpooling Just Picked Up Uber’s API


Today our team is excited to announce a unique integration with popular long-haul ridesharing app Carpooling, which has officially integrated Uber’s API into their product. Carpooling, a ridesharing app that focuses mainly on long distance trips, allows users to …

Creating an On-Demand Experience With Sosh


Our friends at Sosh have been working hard on building out their app that curates and recommends the best things to do in your city. Recently the company released a new feature called Concierge (currently in SF only), where users …

Uber API Takes a Ride With Transit App


We’re excited to announce that our friends at Transit App are officially integrating Uber into their app, giving their customers across North America one more option to get around their cities. Transit App reimagines the everyday commute using new technologies …

Hipmunk Takes Flight With the Uber API


Looking for a flight to your next destination? Hipmunk’s app, website and mobile site offer customers the fastest and easiest way to plan travel. The unique visual layout helps customers easily compare top travel sites, so that they can save …

Seamless Travel With Uber and KLM


In 2,5 weeks the day comes. Visiting Rome for a week. A short trip to get away from the Dutch autumn weather to explore the city of Roman antiquity. Very nice of course, such a city trip, but flying somewhere …

Uber API Drafted by Sacramento Kings


We’re excited to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Sacramento Kings.

For the 2014 Kings season, we’re rolling out a red carpet for the NBA’s loudest fans. The Kings have been hard at work on a new version of the …

Introducing the Uber API


At Uber, our mission is to bring transportation as reliable as running water to everyone, everywhere: just tap a button and your car arrives in minutes. While simple on the surface, the seamlessness of the Uber experience belies the enormous …

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