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Totte Harinen

Totte Harinen is a senior data scientist with Uber Labs, Uber's Applied Behavioral Science team.

Engineering Blog Articles

Using Causal Inference to Improve the Uber User Experience


This article is the second in our series dedicated to highlighting causal inference methods and their industry applications. Previously, we published an article on mediation modeling, which is one of many methods within the broader category of causal inference.

Mediation Modeling at Uber: Understanding Why Product Changes Work (and Don’t Work)


At Uber Labs, our mission is to leverage insights and methodologies from behavioral science to help product and marketing teams improve the customer experience. Recently, we introduced mediation modeling, a statistical approach from academic research, to address user pain …

Research Papers

Uplift Modeling for Multiple Treatments with Cost Optimization

Z. Zhao, T. Harinen
Uplift modeling is an emerging machine learning approach for estimating the treatment effect at an individual or subgroup level. It can be used for optimizing the performance of interventions such as marketing campaigns and product designs. [...] [PDF]
IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA), 2019