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ETA Phone Home: How Uber Engineers an Efficient Route


Get a ride at the tap of a button; it’s as simple as transportation gets. But what looks simple on Uber’s frontend actually consists of complex architecture and services on the backend, including sophisticated routing and matching algorithms that direct …

Research Papers

Multimodal Trajectory Predictions for Autonomous Driving using Deep Convolutional Networks

H. Cui, V. Radosavljevic, F. Chou, T.-H. Lin, T. Nguyen, T. Huang, J. Schneider, N. Djuric
Autonomous driving presents one of the largest problems that the robotics and artificial intelligence communities are facing at the moment, both in terms of difficulty and potential societal impact. Self-driving vehicles (SDVs) are expected to prevent road accidents and save millions of lives while improving the livelihood and life quality of many more. [...] [PDF]
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2019