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Sriharsha Chintalapani

Sriharsha Chintalapani is a Senior Staff Software Engineer and the Tech Lead for Data Platforms at Uber. The Data Quality Platform provides quality checks and alerts to our Data Assets (tables, metrics) at Uber.

Engineering Blog Articles

How Uber Achieves Operational Excellence in the Data Quality Experience

Uber delivers efficient and reliable transportation across the global marketplace, which is powered by hundreds of services, machine learning models, and tens of thousands of datasets. While growing rapidly, we’re also committed to maintaining data quality, as it can greatly

No Code Workflow Orchestrator for Building Batch & Streaming Pipelines at Scale

Data-In-Motion @ Uber

At Uber, several petabytes of data move across and within various platforms every day. We power this data movement by a strong backbone of data pipelines. Whether it’s ingesting the data from millions of Uber trips or