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Ranjib Dey

Ranjib Dey is a Staff Software Engineer on Uber’s Maps Production Engineering team in San Francisco, CA. Ranjib works on end-to-end resiliency engineering practices across change, incident, and capacity management. Outside Uber, Ranjib is enthusiastic about Open Source and The Internet of Things.

Engineering Blog Articles

Capacity Recommendation Engine: Throughput and Utilization Based Predictive Scaling


Capacity is a key component of reliability. Uber’s services require enough resources in order to handle daily peak traffic and to support our different kinds of business units. These services are deployed across different cloud platforms and data centers

Using Machine Learning to Ensure the Capacity Safety of Individual Microservices


Reliability engineering teams at Uber build the tools, libraries, and infrastructure that enable engineers to operate our thousands of microservices reliably at scale. At its essence, reliability engineering boils down to actively preventing outages that affect the mean time between