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Olcay Cirit

Olcay Cirit
Olcay's career sits squarely at the intersection of engineering and data science. He received his undergraduate degree in EECS as a UC Berkeley Chancellor's Scholar and subsequently served as engineering lead on multiple DARPA-backed research projects ranging from brain-computer interfaces to neuroevolution of robotic controls. Before joining Uber he worked at Google where he designed improved models for predicting ad clicks and online purchases. He was the first engineer on Uber's Sensing and Perception team where he lead the development of ML models for extracting knowledge from sensor data. At AI Labs he is thinking up new ways of working with massive datasets to amplify the productivity of scientists across all of Uber's businesses.

Engineering Blog Articles

Michelangelo PyML: Introducing Uber’s Platform for Rapid Python ML Model Development

Uber developed Michelangelo PyML to run identical copies of machine learning models locally in both real time experiments and large-scale offline prediction jobs.

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