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Olcay Cirit

Olcay Cirit is a Staff Research Scientist at Uber AI focused on ML systems and large-scale deep learning problems. Prior to Uber AI, he worked on ad targeting at Google.

Engineering Blog Articles

DeepETA: How Uber Predicts Arrival Times Using Deep Learning

At Uber, magical customer experiences depend on accurate arrival time predictions (ETAs). We use ETAs to calculate fares, estimate pickup times, match riders to drivers, plan deliveries, and more. Traditional routing engines compute ETAs by dividing up the road network

Optimal Feature Discovery: Better, Leaner Machine Learning Models Through Information Theory


Suppose you own a production ML model that already works reasonably well. You know that adding relevant and diverse sources of signal to your model is a sure way to boost performance, but finding new features that actually improve

Michelangelo PyML: Introducing Uber’s Platform for Rapid Python ML Model Development


As a company heavily invested in AI, Uber aims to leverage machine learning (ML) in product development and the day-to-day management of our business. In pursuit of this goal, our data scientists spend considerable amounts of time prototyping and validating