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Nicolas Garcia Belmonte

Nicolas Garcia Belmonte is Director of Engineering, Urban Computing and Visualization, at Uber.

Engineering Blog Articles

Four Ways Uber Visualization Made an Impact in 2018

For those unfamiliar with the work of Uber’s Visualization group, our team focuses on delivering data products for a variety of customers, from city authorities to self-driving engineers. We support the organization with advanced products to better understand self-driving car

Open Sourcing 4.0: Uber Engineering’s Framework for Advanced Data Visualization

Data is mission-critical to the advancement of any technology, but it loses value if we are unable to understand and visualize it.

In 2016, we acted on this philosophy by open sourcing, a WebGL-powered framework specifically designed for

Visualize Data Sets on the Web with Uber Engineering’s Framework

No matter what you work on, data drives decisions these days. At Uber, we like to see this data move in order to really understand it. Now anyone with a big data set can do the same on the Web.

Engineering Intelligence Through Data Visualization at Uber

In early 2015 we started an official data visualization team at Uber. The idea behind it: deliver intelligence through crafting visual exploratory data analysis tools for Uber’s datasets. Every day, Uber manages billions of GPS locations. Every minute, our platform …

The Pulse of a City: How People Move Using Uber Engineering

Uber Engineering’s platform was designed to connect riders and drivers–to help move people (and things) around their cities. Let’s see how one of our largest cities and oldest markets, New York City, moves through the lens of time:


Every …