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Mingshi Wang

Mingshi Wang is a senior software engineer on Uber's Machine Learning Platform team.

Engineering Blog Articles

Productionizing Distributed XGBoost to Train Deep Tree Models with Large Data Sets at Uber

Michelangelo, Uber’s machine learning (ML) platform, powers machine learning model training across various use cases at Uber, such as forecasting rider demand, fraud detection, food discovery and recommendation for Uber Eats, and improving the accuracy of

Research Papers

Learning Continuous Treatment Policy and Bipartite Embeddings for Matching with Heterogeneous Causal Effects

W. Y. Zou, S. Shyam, M. Mui, M. Wang, J. Pedersen, Z. Ghahramani
Causal inference methods are widely applied in the fields of medicine, policy, and economics. Central to these applications is the estimation of treatment effects to make decisions. Current methods make binary yes-or-no decisions based on the treatment effect of a single outcome dimension. These methods are unable to capture continuous space treatment policies with a measure of intensity. [...] [PDF]