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Ming Liang

Ming Liang is a research scientist at Uber ATG Toronto. Before that he was a senior engineer at Apple SPG. His research interests include neural networks and computer vision.

Research Papers

Identifying Unknown Instances for Autonomous Driving

K. Wong, S. Wang, M. Ren, M. Liang, R. Urtasun
We propose a novel open-set instance segmentation algorithm for point clouds that identifies instances from both known and unknown classes. In particular, we train a deep convolutional neural network that projects points belonging to the same instance together in a category-agnostic embedding space. [PDF]
The Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL), 2019

Learning Joint 2D-3D Representations for Depth Completion

Y. Chen, B. Yang, M. Liang, R. Urtasun
We design a simple yet effective architecture that fuses information between 2D and 3D representations at multiple levels to learn fully fused joint representations at multiple levels, and show state-of-the-art results on the KITTI depth completion benchmark. [PDF]
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019

Multi-Task Multi-Sensor Fusion for 3D Object Detection

M. Liang, B. Yang, Y. Chen, R. Hu, R. Urtasun
In this paper we propose to exploit multiple related tasks for accurate multi-sensor 3D object detection. Towards this goal we present an end-to-end learnable architecture that reasons about 2D and 3D object detection as well as ground estimation and depth completion. [...] [PDF]
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019

HDNET: Exploiting HD Maps for 3D Object Detection

B. Yang, M. Liang, R. Urtasun
In this paper we show that High-Definition (HD) maps provide strong priors that can boost the performance and robustness of modern 3D object detectors. Towards this goal, we design a single stage detector that extracts geometric and semantic features from the HD maps. [...] [PDF]
Conference on Robot Learning (CORL), 2018

Deep Continuous Fusion for Multi-Sensor 3D Object Detection

M. Liang, B. Yang, S. WangR. Urtasun
In this paper, we propose a novel 3D object detector that can exploit both LIDAR as well as cameras to perform very accurate localization. Towards this goal, we design an end-to-end learnable architecture that exploits continuous convolutions to fuse image and LIDAR feature maps at different levels of resolution. [...] [PDF]
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2018