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Mike Del Balso

Mike Del Balso is a product manager on Uber’s Machine Learning Platform team.

Engineering Blog Articles

Scaling Machine Learning at Uber with Michelangelo


In September 2017, we published an article introducing Michelangelo, Uber’s Machine Learning Platform, to the broader technical community. At that point, we had over a year of production experience under our belts with the first version of the platform

Meet Horovod: Uber’s Open Source Distributed Deep Learning Framework for TensorFlow

Over the past few years, advances in deep learning have driven tremendous progress in image processing, speech recognition, and forecasting. At Uber, we apply deep learning across our business; from self-driving research to trip forecasting and fraud prevention, deep learning

Meet Michelangelo: Uber’s Machine Learning Platform


Uber Engineering is committed to developing technologies that create seamless, impactful experiences for our customers. We are increasingly investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to fulfill this vision. At Uber, our contribution to this space is Michelangelo,