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Leland Takamine

Leland is a senior software engineer on Uber's Android Development team.

Engineering Blog Articles

Introducing Nanoscope: An Extremely Accurate Method Tracing Tool for Android

Last October, Uber’s Mobile Engineering team kicked off an effort to improve app performance, and we’ve made great progress so far with speedups of well over 50 percent for some of our key transitions. Early on, we learned that certain

Research Papers

Profiling Android Applications with Nanoscope

L. Liu, L. Takamine, A. Welc
User-level tooling support for profiling Java applications executing on modern JVMs for desktop and server is quite mature – from Open JDK’s Java Flight Recorder enabling low-overhead CPU and heap profiling, through third-party async profilers (e.g. async-profiler, honest-profiler), to Open JDK’s support for low-overhead tracking of allocation call sites. [...] [PDF]
Virtual Machines and Language Implementations (VMIL), 2018