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Lazaro Clapp

Lazaro Clapp
Lazaro Clapp is a Senior Engineer at Uber's Programming Systems Team, where he works primarily on developing static analysis tools for Java applications. His current focus is to improve application reliability by preventing broad categories of bugs using fast type-system based tools that run on every local compilation, while minimizing developer annotation burden. His research interests more broadly include static and dynamic analysis, modeling of third-party code behavior, as well as automated test generation and UI exploration for mobile applications. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Research Papers

Safe stream-based programming with refinement types

B. Stein, L. Clapp, M. Sridharan, B.-Y. E. Chang
A type-based approach that can statically prove the thread-safety of UI accesses in stream-based software. We implement the system as an annotation-based Java typechecker for Android programs built upon the popular ReactiveX. We evaluate on 8 open-source apps and report on our experience applying the typechecker to two much larger apps from the Uber. [...] [PDF]
IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), 2018

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