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Kevin Babcock

Kevin Babcock
Kevin Babcock is an Android engineer by trade, with extensive experience developing Bluetooth LE connected devices, their protocols, and end-to-end technology stacks. At Uber, he leads engineering for Uber beacon and sees a future where Uber has the most impactful IoT network in the world.

Engineering Blog Articles

RxCentralBle: Uber's Open Source Library for Seamless Bluetooth Integrations

RxCentral: Uber’s Open Source Library for Seamless Bluetooth Integrations

Uber introduces RxCentral, an open source library to reliably and repeatedly connect Bluetooth devices using a platform-agnostic, reactive design.
Uber Beacon app screen

Engineering Uber Beacon: Matching Riders and Drivers in 24-bit RGB Colors

In our ongoing series about rewriting the Uber driver app, engineer Kevin Babcock explains how we built the connection between the app and the Uber Beacon device, which displays a color remotely selected through a rider's app.

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