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Thomas Miconi
Thomas Miconi is a research scientist at Uber AI Labs.
Jeff Clune on Twitter
Jeff Clune
Jeff Clune is a Senior Research Manager (Staff Scientist) with Uber AI Labs and an associate professor at the University of Wyoming.
Kenneth O. Stanley on Twitter
Kenneth O. Stanley
Kenneth Stanley is a Senior Research Manager (Staff Scientist) at Uber AI Labs and a professor at the University of Central Florida.
10 APR

Differentiable Plasticity: A New Method for Learning to Learn

Differentiable Plasticity is a new machine learning method for training neural networks to change their connection weights adaptively even after training is completed, allowing a form of learning inspired by the lifelong plasticity of biological brains.

16 MAR

VINE: An Open Source Interactive Data Visualization Tool for Neuroevolution

Uber AI Labs introduces Visual Inspector for Neuroevolution (VINE), an open source interactive data visualization tool to help neuroevolution researchers better understand this family of algorithms.

18 DEC

Welcoming the Era of Deep Neuroevolution

By leveraging neuroevolution to train deep neural networks, Uber AI Labs is developing solutions to solve reinforcement learning problems.

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