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Kaushik Devarajaiah

Kaushik Devarajaiah is the Senior Engineer on the LedgerStore team at Uber. His primary focus area is building distributed gateways and databases that scale along with Uber's hyper-growth. Previously, he worked on scaling Uber's Data Infrastructure to handle over 100 petabytes of data. Kaushik holds a master's degree in Computer Science from SUNY Stony Brook University.

Engineering Blog Articles

How Uber Migrated Financial Data from DynamoDB to Docstore


Each day, Uber moves millions of people around the world and delivers tens of millions of food and grocery orders. This generates a large number of financial transactions that need to be stored with provable completeness, consistency, and compliance.  

Consistent Data Partitioning through Global Indexing for Large Apache Hadoop Tables at Uber

Data serves little purpose if we cannot find it. Looking up individual records in the 100-plus petabytes of data accumulated at Uber lets us perform updates and gather useful insights to help improve our services, such as delivering more accurate