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Chunyuan Li on Linkedin
Chunyuan Li
Chunyuan Li is a Ph.D. candidate at Duke University working on the intersection of deep learning and Bayesian statistics and was an intern at Uber AI Labs.
Rosanne Liu on Linkedin
Rosanne Liu
Rosanne Liu is a research scientist at Uber AI Labs.
Jason Yosinski on FacebookJason Yosinski on GithubJason Yosinski on Twitter
Jason Yosinski
Jason Yosinski is a senior research scientist at Uber AI Labs.
26 APR

Measuring the Intrinsic Dimension of Objective Landscapes

Curious about what it is like to traverse the high-dimensional loss landscapes of modern neural networks? Check out Uber AI Labs’ latest research on measuring intrinsic dimension to find out.

20 FEB

Introducing the Uber AI Residency

Interested in accelerating your career by tackling some of Uber’s most challenging AI problems? Apply for the Uber AI Residency, a research fellowship dedicated to fostering the next generation of AI talent.

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