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Isabel Geracioti

Isabel Geracioti is a former Software Engineer on the Metadata Platform team under Data Platform at Uber. She worked on metadata-based projects including data quality and lineage.

Engineering Blog Articles

How Uber Achieves Operational Excellence in the Data Quality Experience

Uber delivers efficient and reliable transportation across the global marketplace, which is powered by hundreds of services, machine learning models, and tens of thousands of datasets. While growing rapidly, we’re also committed to maintaining data quality, as it can greatly

Turbocharging Analytics at Uber with our Data Science Workbench


Millions of Uber trips take place each day across nearly 80 countries, generating information on traffic, preferred routes, estimated times of arrival/delivery, drop-off locations, and more that enables us to facilitate better experiences for users.

To make our data exploration

Mastermind: Using Uber Engineering to Combat Fraud in Real Time

Where there’s money, there’s fraud. To help fight fraud on such a large scale, Uber Engineering’s fraud prevention platform team built Mastermind, a rules engine that can detect highly evolved forms of fraud in a fraction of a second. In