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Adam Gluck

Adam Gluck is a Sr. Software Engineer II at Uber. He spent his first 3.5 years at Uber fleshing out our Driver Platform team and helping to scale our driver product. More recently, he’s been a part of Uber’s engineering strategy team, focused on high level system architecture and Uber-wide platformization efforts.

Engineering Blog Articles

Introducing Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture


Recently there has been substantial discussion around the downsides of service oriented architectures and microservice architectures in particular. While only a few years ago, many people readily adopted microservice architectures due to the numerous benefits they provide such as

Why We Decided to Rewrite Uber’s Driver App

This article is the first in a series covering how Uber’s mobile engineering team developed the newest version of our driver app, codenamed Carbon, a core component of our ridesharing business. Among other new features, the app lets our population