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Girish Baliga

Girish Baliga
Girish manages Pinot, Flink, and Presto teams at Uber. He is helping the team build a comprehensive self-service real-time analytics platform based on Pinot to power business-critical external facing dashboards and metrics. Girish is the Chairman of the Presto Linux Foundation Governing Board.

Engineering Blog Articles

Operating Apache Pinot @ Uber Scale

Introduction Uber has a complex marketplace consisting of riders, drivers, eaters, restaurants and so on. Operating that marketplace at a global scale requires real-time intelligence...
latency graph

Tricks of the Trade: Tuning JVM Memory for Large-scale Services

Uber engineers share their learnings on how to tune a Java Virtual Machine so as to avoid long pauses and other issues with garbage collection.
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Less is More: Engineering Data Warehouse Efficiency with Minimalist Design

Data science helps Uber determine which tables in a database should be off-boarded to another source to maximize the efficiency of our data warehouse.

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