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Dharak Kharod

Dharak Kharod is a Senior Software Engineer at Uber, and has contributed to areas such as Driver Growth, Rider Access, and Data Infrastructure. He is currently on the Real-Time Analytics Platform team working on the core Apache Pinot storage and query layers.

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‘Orders Near You’ and User-Facing Analytics on Real-Time Geospatial Data


By its nature, Uber’s business is highly real-time and contingent upon geospatial data. PBs of data are continuously being collected from our drivers, riders, restaurants, and eaters. Real-time analytics over this geospatial data could provide powerful insights.

In this

Automating Merchant Live Monitoring with Real-Time Analytics: Charon


At Uber, live monitoring and automation of Ops is critical to preserve marketplace health, maintain reliability, and gain efficiency in markets. By the virtue of the word “live”, this monitoring needs to show what is happening now, with prompt access

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