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Chinmay Soman

Chinmay Soman is a former software engineer in Uber's Data team. He led the streaming platform team whose mission is to build a scalable platform for all of Uber's messaging, stream processing and OLAP needs. Chinmay is an Apache Pinot contributor.

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Operating Apache Pinot @ Uber Scale


Uber has a complex marketplace consisting of riders, drivers, eaters, restaurants and so on. Operating that marketplace at a global scale requires real-time intelligence and decision making. For instance, identifying delayed Uber Eats orders or abandoned carts helps to

uReplicator: Uber Engineering’s Robust Apache Kafka Replicator

Uber’s Analytics Pipeline

At Uber, we use Apache Kafka as a message bus for connecting different parts of the ecosystem. We collect system and application logs as well as event data from the rider and driver apps. Then we make

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