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Carsten Jacobsen

Carsten Jacobsen is an open source developer advocate at Uber.

Engineering Blog Articles

Visualizing Traffic Safety with Uber Movement Data and

Urban traffic can be dangerous, a point known all too well by city dwellers and drivers. Discovering the most dangerous street locations in a city can help urban planners take steps to enhance safety through strategies such as lower speed

Build a ‘Hello World!’ Application in 5 Minutes with Fusion.js

Fusion.js, Uber’s open source universal web framework, is designed to make web development easier and produce lightweight, high-performing apps. We initially built Fusion.js to revamp our own websites, and have since offered it to the community as an open source

Creating Custom Plugins with Fusion.js, Uber’s Open Source Web Framework


Plugins are a core element of Fusion.js, Uber’s open source universal web framework, and its architecture. Plugins can be used to encapsulate functions, which are reused in different parts of the application. Examples of functions encapsulated in plugins are

Horovod Adds Support for PySpark and Apache MXNet and Additional Features for Faster Training


This article was originally published on The LF Deep Learning Foundation Blog.

Horovod, a distributed deep learning framework created by Uber, makes distributed deep learning fast and easy-to-use. Horovod improves the speed, scale, and resource allocation for