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Aravind Ranganathan

Aravind is currently an Engineering Manager on the Customer Obsession team at Uber, focusing on building efficient automation experiences and improving the quality of support. He’s also led teams across various domains at Uber such as Risk and Communications Platform. He has a PhD in Computer Science and is passionate about research, teaching, and building scalable tech solutions for real-world problems.

Engineering Blog Articles

Unifying Support Content to Enable More Empathetic and Personalized Customer Support Experiences


Content quality is critical to the support experienced by Uber’s customers. Consider an Eater who reached out for help to cancel a very delayed order. The same resolution, such as refunding the charge, can be delivered alongside a robotic-sounding

Analyzing Customer Issues to Improve User Experience


The primary goal for customer support is to ensure users’ issues are addressed and resolved in a timely and effective manner. The kind of issues users face and what they say in their support interactions provides a lot of